The Wall is no longer the one wailing.
How quick you are to forget.
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Wailing Walls

   blood drop
Occupation is a gross affliction that the world must rid itself of entirely. The impacts and nuances of this practice are reprehensible beyond reproach.

Looking abroad, I realized even more so that I, too, am from occupied territory – places and spaces that are heavily policed, disenfranchised, suppressed. This project was not made to relish in ‘victimhood,’ but rather, to speak directly to the persecutors that are furthering & benefiting from such subjection, hence the language used. I feel that, oftentimes, when speaking to groups of people who get the shorter end of the proverbial stick, we tend to tell them what they already know. We speak about their misfortunes, about how inhumane and unjust the cruelty they are facing is. Genuine compassion also serving as painful reminder.

With Wailing Walls, I wanted to put the attention on those with the blood on their hands.